Driving Miss Sonya

Driving around the Sanctuary is always fun. It’s a beautiful and busy place. You will frequently pass caregivers and volunteers walking dogs, or dogs in golf carts with their noses pointed skyward and their ears flapping in the breeze. You might also pass volunteers taking cats for walks or stroller rides. But you don’t often pass caregivers taking cats for golf cart rides. But then Sonya pretty much does whatever she wants. And when she decided that she wanted to try leash walking, she decided to try all things outside.

I’m not sure how it started. I suspect that while out on a walk Miss Sonya investigated a parked golf cart. One thing led to another and now this pure white kitty hitches a ride every chance she gets. Sonya is nestled between caregivers riding happily in the golf cart (and trust me — you know when Sonya is not happy), for short little trips up and down the lane. That face is pure bliss.

She is one special kitty.