My favorite gargoyle Stitch

It was sunny and cool the other afternoon when I rolled on into the Clubhouse. I had been wanting to visit Stitch, and finally, schedules synchronized so that I could. He came out of the door ready for his walk and then spotted me.

My stomach went flip flop, he was coming fast (well as fast as our leashed tame gargoyle can go)- and then he was all over me like we’d never let a day pass between visits. Good old Sticharoo.  I tried to keep my energy very mellow, but it was hard. I love this guy and my heart wants to smoosh his wrinkly face and basically do all the things that I really shouldn’t do to any dog. So I had to make do with a gentle yet heartfelt greeting and a walk with Stitch and his caregiver Amy.

Stitch is doing really well. His eye looks great, his health is steady and there have been no further incidents of Stitch acting out. He remains a staff only dog, but after a mandatory period of time as staff only, he can be evaluated for a collar color change. I think everyone is thinking that whatever triggered him was medical. For our own safety and for the safety and well-being of the dogs we care for, we never rush this re-evaluation. While the waiting is hard, it’s a necessary precaution.  In the meanwhile, Amy and Haven spoil this guy rotten and his happiness shows.

Course as the last photograph shows, he is still and will always be our snorty rolly polly ‘because I can and that’s why’ gargoyle. I wouldn’t change a bit of him.

Stitch the blue pitbull mix with heart murmur is doing great.