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Relaxed character. Fluffy yellow and white Carmine is a wonderful senior cat.Carmine is a big handsome long-haired boy. He's new, so caregivers are getting to know him, but so far he is settling in well. What we know for sure so far is that he could teach a master class on “chill.”

Going with the flow seems to be his natural state. He's just awesome and easy. He keeps his gorgeous fur nice and neat and he will play politely when invited. But mostly he just likes to watch everything going on around him.

He can usually be found chilling on his favorite perch, which is a long purple shelf about six feet off the ground. Sleeping in the hidey-box (though he’s not really hiding) or stretched out in the sun, he is the epitome of what most of us perceive as a relaxed character.

Carmine is a senior cat. His health is excellent and he'll be a fantastic addition to almost any type of home. As long as there is an abundance of love and maybe something purple, this guy will go with the flow and melt right into the family.

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Photos by Molly Wald and Wendy Gallant