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**Updated 12/21/2016**

Happy news! Sunbear is adopted!

You can read all about it here and see a few photos.



When you first see Sunbear, she is a bit of a shock. Ever heard of a creature called a chupacabra? It’s described as a hairless dog-like creature with a very unique diet. Well, the physical description matches Sunbear, but so far she has been absolutely fine eating dog food. Lots of dog food.

Sunbear was found as a stray in a community about an hour or so north of Kanab. It was immediately evident that she needed the kind of veterinary care that her rescuers could not provide. A dog doesn't get in the condition that Sunbear was in overnight, and it wouldn't be cured overnight either. So they called Best Friends, and we were able to accept her at the Sanctuary.

Sunbear arrived at our clinic, and her medical triage began. She's an older gal, around 10 or 11 years old. Her skin is a mess, and it turns out she has scabies (sarcoptic mange) and needs to be quarantined so her itchy condition doesn't spread to any other critters. It was no surprise to anyone that Sunbear's ears were infected and “cauliflowered” from her constant scratching. She has chronic dry eyes that must have just been a misery for her. To top it off, her nails were terribly overgrown, causing scratches every time she tried to itch herself, and walking couldn’t have been very pleasant. Trimming those nails was the quickest fix.  

Despite all her troubles, Sunbear is a model patient. She is gentle and kind with everyone she meets — even if she does look at them a bit quizzically in their gowns and booties and gloves. She gets soothing baths and lots of ear and eye medications to help cure the infection and soothe the irritation. She loves all the soft blankets and the big squishy bed that appeared in her run. It’s obvious that this change in circumstance is something that she understands and she is loving every minute of it. She is making great progress, and once she is spayed, she has a foster home waiting to pamper her with all the love and care she had been without for quite a long while.

With that in mind, she is not available for adoption just yet. If you'd like to help with her care, please consider sponsoring this sweet gal.