Rest in peace, Boomie.

Boomie passed peacefully  on Thursday January 28. He had been failing the last few months and developed dementia, as well as high blood pressure, which his doctors were unable to get under control, to add to his other ailments. He would periodically not want to eat and we thought we were going to lose him numerous times, but he always bounced back until it finally became too much for him.

We can never express how thankful we are to the Guardian Angels and to everyone else at Best Friends for allowing him to become part of our family. It was always such a joy to see him throw his head back and race across the back yard, knowing everything he had been through. Also, thank you kindly to all of the people who posted on his Guardian Angel page. It was wonderful to feel that we were part of an entire network of people who cared about him.


Thank you all again.

Lynn & Alan