Rest in peace

It is with a heavy heart that I write this journal entry for Harli. Even though her current modified chemotherapy seemed to be shrinking her mass, she has been losing a lot of weight lately and I was starting to make plans for her crossing.

Well, she beat us to the punch. She was found deceased in her run this morning. I kind of wouldn't expect anything less from Harli. She lived her life to the fullest and going out suddenly seems to be somewhat apropos for her.

The day prior, the Dogtown techs had examined her and noted that she was doing fine, her temperature was normal and she was acting like her normal self. She was scheduled for an examination with me today.

My guess is that the cancer had spread to her heart, causing cardiac arrest and/or she threw a clot to her lungs, both of which would cause sudden death. She likely passed quickly without much suffering.

Harli surpassed all our expectations. She was always a rock star patient. She overcame obesity, she healed from a ruptured cruciate ligament, and she sailed through chemotherapy for lymphoma like it was nothing. She came to us in January 2014. In June 2014 she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Thanks to her devoted volunteers and caregivers, she lived a happy life for another year after that diagnosis.

There is no greater joy and no greater sacrifice, than to love those who we must one day let go. Harli was big in body, spirit and personality. She will leave just as big a hole in our hearts.

Harli was placed in our comfort room at the clinic today so that her admirers could come to pay their respects. She will be buried on the property at Angels Overlook, among the other Sanctuary animals who have passed while here.