Rest easy

*Note from Wendy*

Everyone, I received this letter from Jody on Friday, and a second devastating note yesterday.

Sunday night, Mascot took a turn for the worse, and Jody had to make the decision that we all dread. Mascot left this world in Jody’s loving arms.

Please join me in keeping Jody in your thoughts and prayers.


I started writing this letter several times but have been unable to finish it. Our big goofy love bug has lymphoma. I noticed a small hard lump on his cheek the Friday after Thanksgiving.  My fears were confirmed and after considering different treatment options, side effects and such, he was put on prednisone. He is also taking a whole smorgasbord of holistic remedies that my girlfriend Chris, who was volunteering with me at Best Friends when we first met Mascot, generously gave to us. She unfortunately had them from her beloved Golden, Sam, who crossed over a few months earlier.  

Besides weight loss and extreme thirst, Mascot seems to be feeling good.  He still gets silly and likes to do the same things that he always did. I am finally getting my emotions under control (somewhat) and don’t cry quite as often as I did the first month after we got the diagnosis. I read an article about having a dog with cancer and it said that you cannot be sad because your pooch doesn’t know why you are sad and as we all know, they feed off from our emotions.

So, I try, as hard as it is, to be as happy as I can around him, even though my heart is breaking. I am going to miss him so incredibly much, but know I have to count my blessings for each and every day that he is still here with me, and obviously want him to be happy.  Live in the here and now, just as pooches do. I try to make sure he gets to do all of his favorite things as often as we can. He loves to explore outside, so weather permitting, we do that.  We play our silly little games of chase, hide and seek and finding treats hidden around the house. He likes to go into the storage area, where all of the extra toys are, and get a new toy out of the basket and start chewing on it, eventually shredding it. I used to take the toy away before he could shred it, but now, if he wants to shred it, he can shred it! I just make sure he isn’t eating any of it.  I also have asked my sons and friends to visit often as he loves people and of course he has lots of doggy friends.  I was a little concerned, at first, if Bleu, his brother, would be too rough with him, he is a young lab after all, but he is amazingly respectful to Mascot. I am so impressed and thankful for that.