This is a scary one. But we’re going to do everything we can for the little fellow!

Spirit is just two months old, and his front legs are very unstable and move in ways that they really shouldn't. He was born that way and, since he’s still a little baby, he can walk around on his own. But the trouble is that he’ll grow up to be a full-sized horse. Those legs will not support him when he grows and he’ll be unable to stand.

His problem was more than his family was able to handle, so he’s at Best Friends now, where vets are sizing up the situation and discussing options. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not even clear what exactly is causing his legs to be so weak.

But we’re sure going to fight for this fellow. He’s a shy but curious little guy, and he deserves to have a life ahead of him.

We’ll do everything we can to give this precious guy a chance.

Guardian Angels, please hold little Spirit in your hearts!

Rest easy April 6, 2016

Spirit is released from his pain while surrounded by love.

Sore March 18, 2016

Spirit’s lameness lingers.

In the middle February 25, 2016

Caring for Spirit can be tricky balancing act.

Latest technology February 15, 2016

New idea borrowed from sport’s medicine.

Winter at Riley's January 4, 2016

Sunny, cold and soft, Spirit and Walter enjoy the perks of living at Riley’s.

Road trip December 8, 2015

Spirit travels to Phoenix for surgery.

Respect-o-meter adjustment November 11, 2015

Spirit’s coltish behavior meets savvy handling.

Curiosity and confidence October 12, 2015

A tarp is a perfect training tool.

Thinking and learning September 17, 2015

Spirit puts the lesson learned in session one to very good use.

Smarty August 31, 2015

Spirit’s education continues as he nails practice on a pedestal in preparation for getting in and out of a trailer.

Body language August 19, 2015

When Spirit is a bit worried, it’s up to trainers to engage him and show him who’s the leader.

Building confidence August 7, 2015

Spirit gets a lesson in following the leader, not his pasture pal Walter.

One of the girls July 29, 2015

Now that her motherhood duties are over, Spirit’s mom Mary is enjoying time with her posse at the rye field.

Mini-me July 15, 2015

Spirit and his new pasture pal may look like alike, but Walter offers much-needed social guidance to the youngster.

Unanticipated June 30, 2015

Though his front legs are doing well, Spirit’s growth spurts have caused issues with his hind limbs.

Weaned June 8, 2015

Spirit’s separation from Mary is complete and now he’s already gotten a new pasture pal.

Last call June 2, 2015

Little Spirit is growing up, so it’s time to cut the apron strings.

Security May 14, 2015

Now it’s time for Spirit to start spending time away from mom and find safety with people.

Boundaries May 1, 2015

Spirit’s shown his naughty side lately, so it’s time for some official lessons.

Big move April 15, 2015

A new pasture means different experiences and interesting neighbors for Spirit.

Thriving April 10, 2015

Not only is Spirit enjoying time without his splints, his mom’s appreciating some time away from him.

Changes April 2, 2015

Spirit continues to gain strength, get friendlier, and grow!

Restriction March 12, 2015

Spirit’s splints are off and he’s being restricted to make sure he doesn’t overdo it.

Preventing issues March 6, 2015

Staff is keeping a close eye on Spirit to balance unrestricted movement vs. sores from the splints.

Freedom February 27, 2015

Spirit needs to build up some strength, so now gets some additional room to run and play.

Improvement February 17, 2015

With his knees straightening out, Spirit is beginning to act more like a normal foal.

Superstar February 11, 2015

So long as there’s hay to munch, Spirit is great with the splints … and it looks like they’re working.

New accessories February 3, 2015

Once again Spirit proves to be a superstar as he adjusts to wearing his new splints.

Ho hum January 26, 2015

Spirit proves to be a champ as he becomes accustomed a halter, leg wraps, and crazy antics.

X-ray January 21, 2015

Spirit’s radiographs put Dr. Tara’s concerns about infected joints to rest, but reveal some other news.

Needle prep January 16, 2015

Spirit has a preliminary veterinary exam and prepares for the sedation needed for his first X-ray.

Short and sweet January 12, 2015

Quick, multiple visits during the day, by multiple people, prepare Spirit for his upcoming veterinary exam.

Touch January 6, 2015

Working with his mom has helped Jen start to connect with young Spirit.

Quick learner January 2, 2015

In order for the vet to examine Spirt, preparation is needed, so he and his mom start learning the friendly game.

Meet Spirit December 23, 2014

At only two months old, little Spirt has some huge hurdles ahead of him.