Rest easy

Spirit has continued to really struggle with that left hind fetlock. Since he wasn’t improving, Dr Tara decided that we needed to do some more X-rays and get more information about what’s going on in there.

What she found in those X-rays was not good. Unfortunately they showed that he had crushed the medial (inside) of the growth plate of the cannon bone even further. They also showed that most (if not all) of the ligaments on the lateral (outside) were gone and the cannon bone was subluxated and in danger of completely dislocating. That’s a lot of vet-speak, but the gist of it is that the joint is more or less destroyed and, given the extent of the damage, it isn’t stable and not likely to fuse as we had hoped it would. There wasn’t anything more we were able to offer him for that leg, and it’s really painful for him.

So with that information, we made the very hard decision to let him go. He went very peacefully surrounded by the people that loved him. We’ll miss him terribly but are happy to have known him for the year he was with us, and to know that he isn’t in pain any longer. 

Note from Wendy:

Thank you all so much for your support and kind words during Spirit's time with us. It is a huge loss to everyone who loved him. He will be deeply missed. 

I thought you might worry about Walter, so I checked in with Jen. Walter is doing fine. He's moved in with a little mare named Maggie who is keeping him company and they are hitting it off very well.