Parrot Garden: Birds in paradise

Parrot Garden is the one place on the Sanctuary where you can talk to an animal and she may talk back! Birds lose their homes just like other pets. In fact, because parrots live such a long time (some up to 100 years!), they can become homeless many times over the course of their lives. Many of the parrots here have been through many homes, and many have special needs to boot, but at Parrot Garden, they can rest and heal. In a light-filled tropical environment, they enjoy nutritious meals, top-notch vet care, lots of mental and social stimulation, and the attention they crave and need to recover.

Our beautiful parrot residents

Parrot Garden's residents are both beautiful and talkative. Parrots need a lot of attention and mental stimulation, and many species can live a very long time. So a parrot is a real commitment! But there’s nothing these colorful creatures want more than a friend, so come take a look at some of the residents who make the Parrot Garden such a magical place.