Just for kids: Become a superhero for the animals

Do you love animals? Want to learn more about animal welfare?  Ask an adult to sign you up to become an official Best Friends Animal Society Junior Ambassador.

Junior ambassador program

If you’re between the ages of eight and 13, you can become a junior ambassador and get to know the fun side of taking care of animals and making sure they live happy lives. Junior ambassadors learn about lifesaving tactics like spay/neuter, adoption, trap-neuter-return (TNR) and more.

As a junior ambassador, you will:

  • Take part in a Best Friends Grand Sanctuary tour or visit the Best Friends Visitor Center and learn more about homeless pets
  • Complete a fun, educational activity booklet about what you’ve learned
  • Take the junior ambassador oath to help save the lives of homeless pets
  • Earn your own official junior ambassador badge, which lets everyone know how much you love animals

After you become an official junior ambassador, you can take what you’ve learned back to your community and spread the word to everyone you know about Best Friends and homeless pets.

Becoming a junior ambassador is free but requires registration. Ask your parent or guardian adult to register today. If you have questions, email ja@bestfriends.org.

Age requirements for kids to volunteer with animals

Volunteering is a great way to spend time with the animals at our Sanctuary and also make a difference in their lives. If you are supervised by a parent or guardian, you can volunteer to help with cleaning, walking and caring for the animals.

Age requirements (for safety considerations)
Cat World – 9
Bunny House – 18+
Parrot Garden – 18+
Dogtown – 16+
Piggy Paradise – 16+
Horse Haven – 16+
Wild Friends – 18+
Sanctuary Store – 18+
Angels Rest – 18+
Landscaping – 18+

Learn more about volunteering at the Sanctuary

We look forward to seeing you soon!