Iowa town lifts feral cat bounty

Iowa town lifts feral cat bounty

March 14, 2008

A coalition of rescue groups, including Best Friends, persuaded officials in Randolph, Iowa, to consider an alternative solution for its stray cat problem.

Feral cat by a humane cat trap

Cat-alysts for success

December 27, 2011

From trap/neuter/return to lifesaving programs and adoptions, 2011 has been a great year for cats.

Feral? Not so, says Jaffa

Feral? Not so, says Jaffa

June 14, 2010

This former street cat proves that though cats may appear feral in shelters, it doesn’t mean they are.

The Queen of TNR

The Queen of TNR

August 12, 2008

Best Friends salutes Yvette Pina: Chicago’s one-woman TNR program.

“Gem is a gem”

Gem is a gem

July 24, 2012

Everything comes together in group effort to rescue ‘Octomom’ and her eight kittens.