Accidental hitchhikers

Shyla and Semi, just five weeks old, are glad to be snuggling at Best Friends, looking for a home after they went on a very unexpected ride.

A man in Utah bought a used truck. But as he was driving away, he noticed there was something different about this truck. Something squeaky ... something fuzzy and warm ... something -- yikes! There were kittens in the truck! He turned around and brought this to the seller's attention. But not surprisingly, the seller didn't have any idea what to do with them! Hmmm. A little more than this man had bargained for in purchasing a used truck.

042505kits SI2

He found a home for a few of them, but when Shyla and Semi were left, he asked if they could come to Best Friends. Now they're in the kitten rooms here, waiting to be adopted. They won't be part of a "package deal" with a truck this time! This time, for the price of a lot of love and a good adoption application, some lucky person can have the kittens all by themselves. And we promise the biggest surprise we'll sneak into their carrier cages is maybe a toy or two!