The art of being choosy

Is there anything wrong with being choosy?

Scrappy doesn’t think so. He’s a little white dog rescued from Hurricane Katrina who has some skin problems. And just because he wanted to snarl at and snap at pretty much every person who came near him, did that make him an aggressive dog? Well, OK. Sort of. But beyond that, he was also exercising his right to be selective. In the constant stream of humanity passing by, Scrappy just didn’t find anything he liked. Similar to never tasting anything worth getting excited over in an assorted box of candy.

080106scrappy EM

Well, guess what? Somebody finally measured up to Scrappy’s extensive list of qualifications. After coming to Best Friends, he found a person he not only tolerates but adores! Bonnie Allred (Pictured left with Scrappy), a vet tech at Best Friends, is the first two-legged type that Scrappy can’t get enough of. Though nobody else can go near Scrappy yet, Bonnie can hold him, scratch his ears, and everything. No aggression at all. So apparently Scrappy is perfectly friendly to at least one out of every several hundred people. Well, heck. That’s not so bad. Way better than lottery odds, even! And it’s also a sign he may start liking some other people down the road. Here’s to hoping.

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Molly Wald