Bring on the chills!

Until somebody figures out how to teach animals how to snowboard, cold weather is just the pits. Sure, a lot of animals like to run and play in the snow for a little bit, but it usually doesn’t take long before they start seeking out warmer digs. "Come on, pal, got any hot apple cider to spare?"

For animals living in cold climates, winter can mean an unfortunate stint indoors. Less sunshine, fewer birds to bark at. And you may not realize it, but even in Kanab-the sun-drenched home of the sanctuary-the temperature can get pretty nippy. Most of the animals at Best Friends still choose to spend a good chunk of time outside in cold weather, but the pigs have been a different story. Lately, they’ve hunkered down in their houses and pretty much shunned the great outdoors. No fun!

So Yvonne McIntosh, the pig guru, came up with a rather brilliant solution. Cold frames. These are basically mini-greenhouses. Heck, if they keep plants warm, why not pigs? With a little lumber, some plastic and PVC pipes, the pigs now have a toasty warm place to beat the cold and still take in some rays. The pigs absolutely love them, Yvonne says. And since they attach directly to the pig houses, they also help cut back on wind.

Cold frames are a snap to make and pretty cheap, too. For under $50, you can build one yourself. For more information, tips and care advice about potbellied pigs, visit the Best Friends Network community click here. The potbellied pigs in your life will thank you!

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Molly Wald.

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