Diva pig with a full wardrobe and high standards

Lately, the weather at the sanctuary has started to turn chilly in the mornings. Most of the pigs have a very sensible solution: Sleep in. They all have warm straw houses and blankets and whatnot to keep away the chill. Heck, for them, breakfast can wait until the sun is up a bit higher, thank you very much.

Pig with a full autumn wardrobe

But, how does Princess Britney deal with the cold? (Besides sleeping in, of course. She does that year-round.) Here’s a hint: She is one of the only animals at the sanctuary with a full autumn wardrobe at the ready. Once the air turns nippy, Britney starts demanding her accessories. Lately, she has been sporting a purple cape lovingly donated by one of her subjects, er, fans. And she lets you know in no uncertain terms when she wants to go fashion-queen.

Pig diva

We’re talking about a pig who refuses to drink plain water, here. Her daily beverage consists of water with blueberry-pomegranate juice mixed in, along with a scattering of almond slivers and food pellets for texture and interest.

How does she get her caregivers to give her this special treatment, you might ask? It’s all in the attitude. One day, Piggy Paradise manager Yvonne tried substituting apple juice for the traditional blueberry-pomegranate concoction. All you had to do was see the look she got from Britney to realize that this regal gal gets what she wants, period.

From purple capes, to angel wing Halloween costumes, to exotic hand-knitted scarves, Britney is a one-pig force to be reckoned with if things don’t go her way. Lucky for her, though, they always do.

Photo by Gary Kalpakoff

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