Dog leads cat to Best Friends

A cat who owes his life to a dog? That’s Bobby’s story, and he’s proud of it!

A dog is probably the reason he survived Hurricane Katrina, and now that same dog led him to Best Friends.

031706bobby SI2

Bobby (aka Bobcat), incidentally, is blind. He and a dog were found at a construction site a little while after the hurricane. The dog was dragging a chain along behind her as she walked. Apparently, she’d broken free from somewhere. And the theory is that the blind cat most likely was able to stick close to his dog because he could hear the rattling of the chain!

Barbara Williamson reported the original story from Best Friends’ Celebration Station. She wrote, "The construction worker told us the dog and cat showed up and started hanging out with his dog. Because they were both very thin, the worker began feeding them. The man said he tried to pick up the cat a couple of times, but the dog would growl. He said he also found out that if he tried to separate them, the dog would ‘bark her head off.’"

This dog was going to protect her ward! Barbara is now fostering them back at Best Friends. (Talk about getting attached to your stories! Just kidding, Barb.) And she reports that Bobby the cat may be blind, but he is fearless. None of the other cats dare mess around with him.

031706bobby SI3

The dog is named Bobbi, which seems confusing at first. But they both have bobbed tails, and besides – wouldn’t a cat name a dog after himself? So, the name made sense. Bobbi is a fun-loving puppy who’s nice to everybody. She actually plays a little too rough sometimes with the cat whose life she saved! But she’s a darling, and a genuine hero.

A big "Welcome to Best Friends" to both of these bob-tailed hurricane survivors.

Written by Elizabeth Doyle. Photos by Barb Davis and Molly Wald.