Eighteen new parrots!

The sanctuary just got a lot more colorful! Eighteen new parrots have taken refuge at Best Friends – and they are definitely livening up the place with their rainbow colors and their tropical calls.

110705parrots pair1

They came from a rescuer in Arizona. He took wonderful care of them, and had beautiful aviaries set up for them on a plot of land. It was all great – except for one thing. He didn’t own; he rented. So when the property changed hands, everyone got evicted! Some of the birds were brought to the rescuer by other rescuers, who may take them back; new aviaries will have to be set up. But in the meantime, they needed somewhere to go pronto! So Best Friends sent a staff person to Arizona with a van, and the 18 parrots talked to each other nonstop on the way back. Hey, at least they were keeping each other entertained! And now they’re taking a respite in the pretty, light-filled open parrot rooms here at Feathered Friends.

110705parrots pair2

They certainly are a colorful lot! There’s Major Houlihan and Colonel Potter – military macaws, naturally! And they look like they’re wearing army fatigues.

There’s Charlie and Vicky – boy, are they striking. They’re eclectus parrots. Best Friends’ parrot expert, Rick Van Tuyl, told us the lore on their breed. He said that once upon a time, humans tried to mate the green ones together and the red ones together, to keep the colors separate – without any success. That’s because only boys are green, and only girls are red! Whoops! So you can easily see which one is Vicky and which one is Charlie.

Then, of course, there’s Samantha, the majestic green-winged macaw – clearly the most enormous one in the group. And on and on...

Feathered Friends is a veritable rainbow of beautiful, happy birds – not that it wasn’t already! And these 18 new arrivals will be in good careful hands while they look for other places to sing their jungle songs.

Article by Elizabeth Doyle. Photos by Troy Snow.