Ah, the allure of a guy in uniform. Some ladies have been known to swoon near and far for that crisp, clean-cut look. In this story, however, the guy in the uniform is the one doing the chasing. But first, a little background.

Lola was a Lebanon dog who came over with all the others in the BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) rescue. While at Best Friends, Lola was a model citizen. A 55-pound lap dog, more or less. She passed her temperament tests for cats and small children with flying colors. Go, Lola!

In the meantime, when Kay Giddens of Searcy, Arkansas, first heard about the Lebanon animals, she knew right away she wanted to adopt one. Once she made that decision, things pretty much fell into place. As Kay would later describe the process, it felt like somebody created the absolute perfect dog for her family and then hid her somewhere in the world for them to find. Well, they found her alright! Lola has settled in so well that everybody thinks she’s been there all her life.

As for that mysterious uniformed stranger, Lola has caught the eye of the local police drug dog, Ace. Lola and Ace have never actually met but because the Giddens’ house is near the police station, Ace and his police officer drive by all the time. Each time they do, Ace jumps up and smushes his face to the window, hoping for a glimpse of his foreign beauty. Sigh. Puppy love. Not a bad setup for Lola.

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Erica Berg and Lola's family.