Hippity hop

Many athletes train at high altitudes. The theory goes that by getting their lungs used to thinner air, they can perform double time when they compete back at lower elevations. It's the same idea for runners who carry small dumbbells during their jogging workout. When they run without them later, it's like floating on a breeze.

Maybe that's why the caregivers at Best Friends' Bunny House found some adventurous bunnies perched on top of some previously unscalable heights one afternoon. These are the fuzzy lop rabbits who came to Best Friends not long ago. Their fur was so tangled and matted when they arrived that they could barely lean over to reach their food bowls. We’re talking the monster of all mats here. There was even sand and dirt trapped inside the lumps.

But the caregivers have been bravely brushing and hacking out all those crazy tangles ever since the rabbits arrived. Talk about dropping the pounds. No wonder the rabbits have now started taking flight. One caregiver glanced out the window and saw some of the fuzzy lops sitting on top of one of the bunny porch roofs. That had never happened before! They were still safely contained, but man, oh man. What an impressive jump that must have been. These guys are also leaping into anything else they can find, including laundry and garbage bins. Well, heck, what else are they going to do? Now that they've had their haircuts, they feel practically weightless!

Story by David Dickson

Photos by Sarah Ause

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