Hope for a Rambunctious Boy

One-year-old Gilbert, who still has puppy tendencies, was banished from his home and taken to a southern Nevada veterinary hospital with the request, "Euthanize him." But the employees at the clinic didn’t have the heart to do it. For three weeks they tried to find a home for Gilbert, but were unsuccessful. So they called Best Friends.

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Amy Wagner, who works for Best Friends’ Animal Help, sent out a flier to our members about the happy, fluffy, rambunctious boy. He was already neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. "Gilbert (pictured left with foster dad) is not a bad dog, he is simply a bundle of energy," Amy wrote. Within hours, offers of help came pouring in.

Cast Off Cockers, a rescue group in Mesa, Arizona run by Diana Kraus, offered to take Gilbert, and place him immediately into a foster home with a couple used to working with hyper dogs. The plan is to train him before placing him in a permanent home. And because Gilbert is a little needy, they’ll make sure he is placed with someone who is home a lot and also has another dog to help him run off his energy.

Gilbert’s story is an example of the work the Best Friends’ Animal Help and our members do every day, assisting animals in need across the country.

At eight weeks old, Gilbert went on display at a puppy store in California where a family bought him. Life was good for a while. Gilbert had two other dogs to play with and two children to occupy his time.

But as the months went by and Gilbert got bigger, he became a handful for the family. His people took him to training classes. There, Gilbert learned to sit and stay on command. But once back home, his family didn’t know how to control him. He jumped on the dining room table and ate table scraps. And as he got a little bigger, reaching 28 pounds, he continued bouncing around with the kids and jumping up on them. It was cute when he was little, but he sometimes accidentally knocked over the young kids.

Because of that, Gilbert was given to the family’s housekeeper. She took him home, but she too didn’t know how to handle him, and she returned him. Next, the family gave Gilbert to their handyman. Somehow -- and the details aren’t clear -- a few days later Gilbert ended up a stray on the side of a freeway. A driver luckily -- and safely -- picked him up and called the number on his tag. That’s when the original family sent Gilbert away again, this time to the vet clinic, where they requested that Gilbert be put down.

Beth Montes, from Phoenix, Arizona, who coincidentally was in Kanab attending a Best Friends workshop, also received the Animal Help message. She was heading back to Phoenix a few days later and offered to take Gilbert with her. Gilbert was picked up in Las Vegas by Lynn Dolan with Transportation and taken to Kanab, then driven by Beth to his new foster home near Phoenix.

Now in his new home, Gilbert is having fun learning new things. "He gets to go to doggie day care for a few hours every day to socialize him with other dogs," Diana said. "After just a few days, he’s done very well. He’s just darling."

Beth didn’t doubt it for a moment. That’s because she delivered Gilbert to his foster home on Gilbert Avenue in the town of Gilbert, Arizona. What are the odds? It couldn’t be anything but a sign of a new beginning for Gilbert.

Written by Cathy Scott. Photos by Cathy Scott.