How's the air up there?

What would it be like to go through a magic tunnel where on the other side all the people towered above you? You know, sort of a reverse - Gulliver’s Travels thing where you only come up to the waist of everyone else. It’d feel strange, to say the least.

For Selena the horse, the magic tunnel was the horse trailer taking her to her new home with Lou Dadyburjor and Patsy Long in Cody, Wyoming. 112806selena EM The giants looming over her are horses known as shires. Shires (shown left, practicing a four horse hitch to get ready for a Christmas parade) are the biggest of the big. Horses who were literally bred to carry knights into battle. And to little Selena, a quarter horse filly around a year and a half old, these big shires are just part of a whole new family. She loves it in her new home as the only non-shire on the block. So even if she feels as if she walked through a shrinking machine, she’s thrilled to be there.

Selena (pictured above with her transport team Patsy Long, left and Laurie Sparr,right) came to Best Friends because of angular limb deformities—her legs turn in a little. She had been bred as a racing horse but could never cut it as a racer, so there was talk of putting her down. But lucky for her, she ended up at Best Friends where nobody has to break a speed record to be welcome. She’s not in pain from her twisted legs, actually gets around just fine on them, and has a heart to match.

All those big shires are certainly intrigued by the tiny horse with such a spunky personality. Who knows, maybe she’ll teach them a thing or two about what the world looks like from a little gal’s perspective?

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Molly Wald.

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