I'm a Pepper!

How do we know that Pepper was a stray goat without any family? "Because," said Jen, her caregiver at Best Friends, "if she had a family, they never could have gotten away from her!"

Pepper likes to tag along. The only way you could escape Pepper is by pointing to something in the distance, crying, "Look at that, Pepper!" and then making a run for it. It’s hard to imagine how she ever became a stray.

But she wandered into somebody’s yard in Utah, not far from the sanctuary, and didn’t seem to have anywhere else to go. Signs were put up, but nobody claimed her. So off she went to Best Friends, where she’s now looking for someone to hang around with for life.

Pepper is a Nubian cross whose fur pattern looks a little like a cow’s. (But don’t tell Jen that; she doesn’t see it! She says, "She’s not a cow; she’s a people.") Pepper walks with a funny back leg – probably an old injury that may have healed wrong. And she really needs to put on some weight. Hey, it’s not easy finding grub on the streets!

But here at the sanctuary, she’s getting all fattened up, and she’s got plenty of people to follow around. This Pepper’s up for adoption!

Written by Elizabeth Doyle. Photos by Clay Myers.