New Trailers---An Unexpected Gift

Due to an unexpected donation from one of the Little Lebanon volunteers, the Rapid Response Team now proudly owns two new trailers for hauling supplies.

A great lady volunteered down at Little Lebanon in November and was so taken by the setup and rescue effort that she offered to buy another yurt before the coldest part of the season. Although a yurt was appreciated, what the team really needed was a way to move supplies quickly and efficiently during a disaster situation. Richard Crook spoke to this wonderful lady and it was agreed --- a gift of trailers is what it would be! The donation was made and Rich found the team not one, but two new trailers to assist in any future rescue efforts.


The trailers can be loaded with medical and other supplies prior to an emergency allowing a quicker departure for a team headed to a rescue site. A perfect addition to the Rapid Response Team! Thanks for the generosity.