No room at the inn

Chachi is safe and sound at a Best Friends foster home. But he got here just in time! It was about to be curtains for this little guy at his Nevada shelter, which had just run out of room for all the animals pouring in. In fact, he was next on the list to be put down to make room for more. It was lucky for him somebody from Best Friends stopped by to fill an open space at a foster home. Phew, that was a close one!

This little munchkin is missing an eye, but otherwise he might look like the ideal adoption candidate. Just five pounds, healthy, housetrained, good with other little dogs and with cats – it’s hard to see why he didn’t find a home quick as lightning. But city shelters often get overwhelmed with animals people give up on, fail to neuter, let loose to become strays, or who get evicted by landlords. And even the most darling animals can find themselves in danger.

Chachi is happy and safe now. But he wants to remind us that we can all help out our public shelters by spaying and neutering our pets, keeping our pets for life, tolerating other people’s pets and, of course, checking out our local shelters the next time we’re looking for an animal.

Chachi likes to think he’s living proof of just how cute those shelter pets can be!