Opera Career Underway!

Anybody remember this dancing diva? Lollipop the umbrella cockatoo came to Best Friends a little while ago with a dream in her pocket and an impressive set of singing pipes. "La, la, la, laaaaaaa!" Nobody could fault her for trying to catch the eye of an appreciative music manager or talent scout. She’d flaunt her singing in front of practically anyone who walked by.

Well, her ship came in. Lollipop has now made the transition from aspiring singer to star performer of a posh dinner theater club. The club? A locale cleverly concealed as a normal residence. The audience? Steve Ackerman and Shaun DeMers, Lollipop’s new family! And Lollipop couldn’t be happier or find a more supportive crowd for her daily shows.

Steve and Shaun adopted a blue-fronted Amazon named Caesar from Best Friends two years ago. (Caesar is doing great, by the way! His vet says Caesar is one of the sweetest and most vibrant-colored blue-fronted Amazons she’s ever seen.)

When Steve and Shaun recently visited Feathered Friends, the bird area at the sanctuary, they were amazed at how much it has grown in two years. Even more impressive to Steve and Shaun, though, was Lollipop herself. They fell instantly for her adorable and melodious personality. She’s settled in well and likes her new gig so much she doesn’t even ask a cover charge for all the enchanting solos. Looks like she’ll be living happily, and musically, ever after!

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Molly Wald.