Otherworldly visitors...

Tiny black dots litter the sky, growing larger by the second. Unidentified forms are plummeting toward the sanctuary grounds at an alarming rate. Is the sky falling? Is it an alien invasion? Has an unprecedented meteor shower penetrated the atmosphere, only to land in a fiery, smoldering cluster all over Angel Canyon?

Nope. It’s just another wave of wild turkeys parachuting in from all over the country. And maybe they aren’t exactly skydiving their way into the sanctuary. That’s still an unproven theory! But boy are they everywhere. Perhaps with Thanksgiving right around the corner, these guys seem to know instinctively right where it’s safe to laugh at anyone sporting a bowl of cranberry sauce with a napkin tucked in their shirt. Best Friends, obviously! Where wildlife are always safe from the two-legged kind.

112006turkey EM

These wild turkeys hang out around the sanctuary all year round. They’re fascinating. They have daily treks that go back and forth between the lower and upper canyons and an agenda that includes taunting the cats ("Ha, ha! Can’t catch us!"), flirting with the various birds in the bird area, and scavenging for food wherever they can find it. Generally speaking, the turkeys strut around all corners of the sanctuary as if they owned the place. Which of course they do. Hard to get anything done without use of the roads, and these gobblers hold up traffic whenever they darn well please.

So maybe the turkeys are just hanging out. Or perhaps they’re plotting to overthrow society as we know it. Difficult to say. But no matter what they’re up to, things are certainly a lot more colorful with them around!

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Troy Snow.