Our Year-End Wrap-Up: No More Homeless Pets

Individuals and organizations making a difference across the nation and in your community! In this year-end series you’ll find the most heartwarming and lifesaving stories from the Sanctuary and beyond. Here we feature some of our tales of rescue, community cat care and more from the Best Friends Network.Click on the links below to read more about your favorite stories.








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In Las Vegas, the path to No More Homeless Pets is being paved by the community coming together. One example of sheer good will out of Vegas is a group that has been called the Las Vegas 5. Read how one woman saw a situation involving unfixed free roaming cats and decided to see how she could help the community cats of her area, the results were a royal flush!




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In another instance, it’s a class of Las Vegas fifth graders that are learning about the importance of adopting a pet via the Puppies Aren’t Products campaign all while honing their artistic skills. One hundred students presented their original creations of dogs that are at Best Friends who have been rescued from puppy mills.






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How far would you go to help someone whom you’ve never met? When two kitties, Bela and Nala, got lost right before their family moved from Houston, Texas to Chicago, Illinois, it was a mixed blessing that they turned up quickly at a local animal control. Sure Andrea wanted her cats back, but she was a thousand miles away. With the help of a caring Best Friends member who responded to an email message from our Community Animal Assistance department, the cats were fostered and transported to their forever family!




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It’s a Miracle! When Abbey the dog took a leave of absence from her home in La Verkin, Utah, a mad dash was made to try and find her. After spreading the word and contacting Best Friends Community Animal Assistance, the little dog that decided to go on a walkabout, was found!




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Sometimes you need more than a little Hope! It was a lifesaving move when a veterinarian in North Ft. Myers, Florida, could not put the pudgy pug down when her owners brought her in. Her diagnosis? Inconvenience! After the sweet senior was signed over to the animal hospital, a little networking went a long way, read how Hope went home.






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"Hey, we’re getting a dog," declared Sean Davis, pit bull terrier dog enthusiast. But not just any dog – the dog Sean was getting was Huey who was slated for euthanasia in Los Angeles when Davis saw the post on Facebook from his Virginia home. In another example of previously unrelated folks working together for a common cause – Huey’s adoption fee was paid by a caring individual, who also fostered him for a week while his transportation across the country was arranged. From death row to kicking back in his new home, Huey is the spitting image of one lucky dog!






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They breed like … rabbits! When one college campus in Long Beach, California, was inundated with generations of dumped domestic rabbits, it was a race to the finish to help all parties involved. A coalition of groups and individuals came together to perform what is believed to be the largest rabbit trap/neuter/return project in our country’s history!




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In South Carolina, the story of the Bobtail Babies can make even the biggest Grinch smile. Amelia, a local community cat aficionado was already at her wits' end when the call came in –unfixed kittens at the Smith house. With all the kittens rounded up and not much room at the "inn" Amelia had to make the choice – would she be able to foster these little guys, or not?






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It does take a village! Or at least a few dedicated villagers! Phoenix, Arizona, had a real challenge on its hands when two shelters decided mount the "Empty the Shelter" adoption event. It has been reported that the area has the second largest animal intake rate in the country, that’s a lot of pets to place into homes. Well, we have over 200 reasons to say "great job"- Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) and Helping Animals Live On (HALO)!






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In Haiti, earlier this year, we first brought you our initial hands-on mission from Best Friends then we were



back on the ground with more support. Now the companion animals and the people that love them are getting the help they need in a collaborative project that is part of a five year plan! After the earthquake, a frayed infrastructure has left most of its inhabitants still needing basic necessities. When organizations and individuals team up for a common cause, we know sustainable results are on the docket for the voiceless victims of this disaster.






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Oh, Canada! Trap/neuter/return for rabbits has also made a huge impact at a college campus at the University of Victoria – where hundreds of bunnies were burrowing about, making themselves at home. In the face of unusual odds – the program pressed forward



and rabbits lives were saved thanks to the work of locals and the extended animal welfare community. Hop! Hop! Hooray for the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch of Texas that many expat Canadian rabbits now call home.


Thanks to your support, communities across the country are blazing a trail towards a time of No More Homeless Pets. You did it! Thank you for the awe-inspiring response to this year’s holiday matching grant challenge. All in all, you’ve helped raise $4.2 million to save more animals. The match may be over, but 2010 isn’t! There’s still time to make a tax-deductible donation to Best Friends. The animals will benefit, and so will you – come tax time!