Quite a character

What do you call a dog who steals pillows from the master bedroom for her own personal use, runs through the sprinkler system, and kisses the family parrot on a regular basis? We call her adopted!

Alice, a Best Friends special-needs dog, recently went to a fantastic home and she’s carved out her own quirky little spot in the family. Steve and Candy Rick of West Jordan, Utah, came to Best Friends looking for a dog. They’d already adopted two birds from Best Friends a little while back: an African grey and an Amazon.

Candy wanted a smaller dog but her husband, Steve, wanted a Weimaraner. Upon meeting Alice, Candy conceded the point immediately. Wanting a specific breed doesn’t always yield the best personality match, but they hit the jackpot with Alice.

And yes, Alice routinely slobber-kisses the African grey, Dixie. (The Amazon is still trying to figure Alice out.) Dixie was on a low perch one day for a very structured meet-and-greet between Alice and the birds. Alice promptly gave Dixie a very wet sloppy dog smooch. Here’s how the routine works now: Dixie makes a kissy, "come here" sound to Alice. Once Alice shows up and delivers the smooch, Dixie lets out a playful growl and Alice walks away. Until Dixie does the smoochy "come hither" sound again.

What a wonderful fit.

Written by David Dickson. Photo by Erica Berg.