Tractors and pickups and wagons, oh my!

Stallions, or intact male horses, don’t always lead the life of excitement and adventure that some seem to imagine. Often they are kept separate from other horses. One reason is that a stallion with unchecked freedom to make "social calls" on the mares will make sure the stork stays awfully busy. (Not good.) Another reason for the isolation is that stallions tend to be more aggressive than horses who have been gelded (which means neutered in horse talk).

When Incitato’s family could no longer care for him, he went to another rescue before heading to Best Friends. The original plan was that Incitato, stallion extraordinaire, would come to Best Friends for his gelding operation and then relax for a month or so before returning. During that time, however, some of the Best Friends horses were adopted and so things worked out that he could stay at Best Friends after all.

Incitato has really hit his stride at the sanctuary, except for one strange phobia he’s developed: fear of large equipment or vehicles like clunky cars, lumbering trucks and so forth. Incitato has convinced himself that, say, a manure spreader is actually just a demonic tail-chopping device sent to torment him. He’s young and sound enough to be ridden, but if a tractor ever came cruising along mid-ride, you’d better be wearing full body armor.

As horse manager Jen Reid says, "It just seems like he hasn’t seen much of the world." He’s seeing it now, though! Incitato really is a great guy, and one day he should be able to get past his jitters. Until then, if you want to pay him a visit (and you should—he’s great!), best not to use any mode of transportation bigger than a tricycle.

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Erica Berg.