Who you callin' chubby?

A couple of heavyweights named Grunty and Porky recently moved into Best Friends' Horse Haven. These two potbellied pigs are brothers from Texas. When they showed up, they definitely needed some immediate attention. Just like horses, pigs require regular foot care, and when they go a little too long without it, they can’t exercise easily. Which makes their feet worse. Which makes them exercise less. A nasty pattern. The lady who was caring for Grunty and Porky knew they needed foot care, but she couldn’t track down a vet willing to sedate and treat them. Eventually, she brought them to Best Friends.

070306gruntyporky EM

Porky is so—what's the politically correct word these days?— gravity-pull challenged, that the caregivers can’t even find his eyes. Usually that's a joke with pigs like these, but in this case his eyes are literally buried beneath layers of fat. He is, for all practical purposes, blind until the weight comes off.

But don't worry. The pigs have already received treatment and both now sport a complete set of racing toes, along with trimmed-up tusks. What with the high-fiber, low-fat, portion-controlled diet and the Rocky music playing in the background, they’ll lose pounds in no time. On that note, if anybody happens to have a "Potbellies of Steel" workout tape, Porky and Grunty would love an early birthday present!

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Molly Wald.