Since you're not playing with that...

They were going to toss the toys out anyway, the pack rat figured. Why not help those poor, toy-laden rabbits out a bit? After all, everyone knows that toys eventually end up cast aside after they’ve been played with long enough. He might as well save them the trouble!

A certain pack rat has taken up residence in one of the rabbit buildings at Best Friends. He has built himself quite a castle in that humble abode of the rabbits, yet building the castle was merely the beginning. Every good pack rat palace needs accessories. It’s the pack rat way. Lots and lots of ‘em, from plastic key rings to synthetic corn on the cob.

Deciding that no one would be the wiser, this kleptomaniac pack rat began gathering his priceless collection of odds and ends. Holiday excess is his specialty. For a pack rat, every stray piece of string and every half torn movie stub represent wealth untold. Imagine the lure of actual toys. Impossible to resist.

As with all wildlife at the sanctuary, staff and visitors give him plenty of space and never interfere with his architectural genius. He doesn’t bother the rabbits—aside from the teensy little insignificant detail that he borrows their toys on a long-term basis —and nobody bothers him. Quite the setup, really, for this self-proclaimed king of the pack.

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Troy Snow.

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