Pendleton the cat wearing protective pajamas and a donut around his neck

An itchy cat’s total transformation

July 19, 2021

Pendleton was miserable with itchy skin when he first arrived at the Sanctuary, but with a diagnosis and lots of soothing skin care he’s feeling great

Smiling gray and white pit bull terrier sitting on an orange couch

5 feel-good pet stories to make you smile

July 13, 2021

From a grouchy cat who’s reunited with his family to a dog whose name brings a little luck, we’ve rounded up some of the happiest stories from across the country

Volunteer Lillie Schlessinger with a small senior black dog on her lap sitting next to another person, both wearing NKLA T-shirt

Meet a matchmaking volunteer

June 28, 2021

Lillie Schlessinger started volunteering to fill time after retirement, but as she helps more and more pets find families, it’s become so much more