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Kitten podcasts, animal control officer vlogs and pet policy town halls, oh my!

Saving our communities’ dogs and cats in the COVID-19 era requires the creation of new online tools and resources for animal services and shelter staff around…

Three great reads for your inner animal behavior nerd and for any no-kill advocate

Learning to help animals where they are is a cornerstone of the no-kill movement and an essential skill for any effective animal advocate.

Calling all animal services professionals and lifesaving revolutionaries!

Best Friends and Southern Utah University have partnered once again to offer an online professional development symposium this fall titled “Reaching New…

Lessons from Delaware’s journey to become the first no-kill state for dogs and cats

The state of Delaware has sustained no-kill status for the second year in a row by implementing proven lifesaving programming and lending a helping hand to…

One thing you can stop doing today that will help save thousands of dogs and cats in shelters

The real economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still to come, and to keep saving pets’ lives, we need to start wholeheartedly supporting people right now…

How Rebecca Guinn helped shape the compassionate, animal-loving spirit of Atlanta

LifeLine Animal Project CEO Rebecca Guinn has created a safety net for pets and people in Atlanta, Georgia, and a model road map to no-kill for dogs and cats.

The road to no-kill in Georgia is paved with cat lifesaving and a robust coalition

Thanks to proven and powerful community cat programs and the Georgia Animal Shelter Alliance, Georgia is helping to set the bar for no-kill progress in the…

Animal nonprofits like Gateway Pet Guardians exemplify why moving beyond rescue to comprehensive, community-based sheltering saves more pets

Animal welfare organizations around the country are saving more dogs and cats by finding positive, community-based solutions that don’t have to rely on…

Progressive leaps in Texas and Georgia, 5,500+ no-kill communities, and a crisis that has cat hair all over it. Buckle up, we’ve got new shelter data for you!

Best Friends’ pet lifesaving dashboard update shows lifesaving progress for animals in shelters from 2019 and the path ahead for achieving no-kill nationwide…

Are your expectations of how your local animal shelter should be saving pets driven by data or fantasy?

A lifesaving collective of animal shelters and rescue organizations in Dallas exemplifies the kind of community-centered work and willingness to adapt required…

How a small group of grassroots animal advocates made a big impression on California’s Veterinary Medical Board

Local 2025 Action Team members in California made their voices heard during a veterinary medical board meeting, which led to critical telemedicine expansion…

Leadership plays pivotal role for Abilene Animal Services and other communities working to change the status quo for pets

Brighter days are on the horizon for dogs and cats in Texas shelters as the city of Abilene welcomes Best Friends’ Mike Bricker as interim director.

Death of a brother in the band, Stewart Gollan

The loss of a beloved Best Friends family member serves as a heavy reminder of the need to prioritize mental health for animal welfare workers.

Changing the color of our movement

Learning and acting against racism in ourselves, our organization and our movement

Historic collaboration to spay or neuter 50,000 pets through #SpayTogether for animal shelters and clinics after height of pandemic

Best Friends is a founding member of a coalition of national organizations to provide grants and other support to combat the spay/neuter surgery backlog from…

Reimagining the role of animal shelters and communities to support people with pets and save at-risk pets

CEO Julie Castle talked with Best Friends lifesaving team members around the country about a new animal sheltering model that puts individual communities at…

What do a Swiss freestyle skier and a Yosemite park ranger have in common? Pets, of course.

In a world fueled by endless streams of social media content, dogs and cats continue to be the X factor in our daily lives.

Finding love online: Humans have been doing it for years. Why not cats and dogs?

Best Friends Super Adoptions are going virtual to connect people with adoptable pets all over the country during the Find Love Online event, May 27-31.

Your animal shelters are building dog castles out of cat grass. Are you ready to help?

Achieving no-kill for dogs and cats nationwide requires all of us to imagine what could be for pets in our communities and to work together to make it a…

What do Best Friends and a reality TV show like Bar Rescue have in common?

Best Friends programs that send expert staff to support animal shelters in need share a few similarities with popular reality TV shows, along with some warm,…