The 2018 Best Friends National Conference: “They laughed at us”

The 2018 Best Friends National Conference that took place in Los Angeles last week (July 19-21) was one of our best yet and, in many ways, marked a quantum leap for Best Friends and for the no-kill movement. The conference has been and remains a transformative experience, both in its rejuvenating energy and critical distribution of information and expertise. However, the 2018 conference marked something new: For the first time, there was a clear sense of purpose and coordination with regard t

A salute to Gregory Castle

As co-founder and CEO of Best Friends, Gregory Castle stabilized the organization and set the stage for our national campaign for a no-kill nation by 2025.
Dog in front of rainbow wall

The most effective program of all

Spreading the word about Best Friends and the no-kill movement to those outside of the animal welfare community helps save the lives of shelter pets.