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Urge your representatives to support a puppy mill sales ban

TX: Help make San Antonio more humane

Puppy mill puppies

Update: The city council voted on the ordinance and thanks to advocates like you, we won! We'll keep you posted as other actions are needed. But in the meantime, check out the other efforts that we're working on.

Great news! San Antonio is poised to join Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, The Colony and Waco to ban the retail sale of dogs and cats from inhumane breeding mills. 

Puppy and kitten mills are in business to supply pet stores. The pets in these facilities often spend their entire lives in dirty, crowded cages for the sole purpose of producing as many animals as possible for the retail pet trade. Pet stores that obtain animals from these facilities are not an asset to San Antonio.

A retail pet sales ban will not prevent pet stores from doing business, but it will reduce the burden on shelters and rescue groups by increasing pet adoptions. It will also benefit local hobby breeders by allowing them to continue providing responsibly bred animals directly to those who cannot find what they are looking for through adoption.

TAKE ACTION: Urge the City Council to vote YES on a retail pet sales ordinance.

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