Current Job Openings

We are always seeking the best diverse talent for animal rescue jobs with Best Friends to further our mission. Staff frequently comment on how meaningful it is to work with animals, especially compared with their old corporate lifestyle; what a joy it was to trade in their heels or loafers for sandals and hiking boots. It's business casual Friday here every day.

Best Friends is as much a community for its staff as it is a sanctuary for animals. It's a unique place - our staff come from many different parts of the country and many walks of life. Many of us have little or no family in the area, so we come to rely on each other. Of course, there is an automatic bond among us because of our common purpose and love of animals.

What else is unique about Best Friends? Well, there aren't many office environments where dogs and cats can come to work. The rule at Best Friends is that as long as your pets get along with everyone else's pets, they are welcome.

Also, lots of companies have a variety of departments, but how many can boast that they have a place for old dogs (called Old Friends), a room for special-needs cats (called the Incontinental Suite), and a haven for horses and other farm animals (called Horse Haven)? Plus, these and many other departments are spread throughout a scenic desert setting called Angel Canyon, hallowed ground to many that visit here. You can hike, explore Anasazi ruins, sit by the underground lake and contemplate the meaning of life, or just run with your dogs, all near where you work and live.