1. Little Wing the dog

    Thief of hearts

  2. Best Friends National Conference attendees

    National Conference

  3. Schnauzer dog representing 'The One' adoption promotion

    Adopt 'The One'

  4. Volunteer petting gray and white cat

    Get Involved

  5. Ruger, a dog with pica

    Eating Disorder

  6. Smiling senior beagle

    Rescue Your Next Pet

  7. Bristol the cat

    Bright Future

  8. Brown and white puppy

    Give to the Animals

  9. Milky Way the Yorkshire terrier

    Having a Blast

  10. Zinc the cat

    Big Brother

  11. Chihuahua with a tattooed ear rescued from puppy mill

    Opt to Adopt

  12. Ear-tipped community cat

    Cat City

  13. Smiling black and white boxer

    Beat the Winter Blahs