Bring love home. 
Home is more than four walls and a ceiling. It’s a place where we feel safe and loved — a sanctuary from all storms. Home is often a feeling only you can know.

Everyone deserves a home — and that includes pets in shelters. 

And when they don’t have a home, they’re at risk of being killed. In fact, a dog or cat is killed in America’s shelters every 90 seconds just because they don’t have a safe place to call home. 

If just 6% more people chose to adopt versus purchase their pets, we would end the killing of dogs and cats in our nation's shelters.

When we work together to bring our best friends home, we help loving pets find the families they’ve been dreaming of, and we get the country closer to ending the killing of pets in shelters. So together, let’s bring our best friends home and Save Them All.

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Home starts with you 

No matter where you live, you can make a lifesaving difference for animals waiting for homes of their own when you adopt, donate, and use your voice to protect homeless pets. 

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When you adopt a pet from a rescue group or animal shelter instead of buying from a breeder or puppy mill, you’re providing a lifesaving second chance.
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We believe every pet deserves a home, whether it’s a house with a fenced yard, a cozy apartment, or a safe outdoor space for community cats. Do you agree?
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Your gift will go straight to work saving the lives of homeless pets around the country by providing them with the help and healing they need to find loving homes.
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We asked you to show us your pets at home

And you really delivered. You’ve shown us that our pets are always there for us, brightening our bad days and bringing even more joy to our good ones. They make us laugh, smile, and feel loved.

Thanks to all of the amazing photos and videos you sent us, you’ll be inspiring people from coast to coast, showing them a home isn’t a home without a best friend. See for yourself:

Want to share your pet's video or photo, too? We'd love to see your pet living their best life! When you share your favorite video or photo of your pet at home, we’ll use it to inspire others to bring their best friend home.

Connect with us on social media to stay in the loop about the lifesaving progress we’re making together.  

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More ways to bring love home today  

Every action you take for homeless pets helps to save their lives and gets the country closer to no-kill; we’ll show you how.

Everyday, Best Friends supporters make our lifesaving work possible when they volunteer, foster, advocate, learn, and work to end the killing in shelters.

Pets who found their way home 

Check out these pets and their stories of hope, love, and resilience.

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About Best Friends 

Here at Best Friends, we believe that every dog and cat deserves the love, safety, and comfort of a home. 

Whether their home is a big house with a fenced yard or a cozy apartment — or it’s a community cat’s safe outdoor space — every pet deserves to have a safe place to call home. That’s why we’re working to save the lives of cats and dogs all across the country, giving pets second chances and happy homes.  

Just a few short years ago, cats and dogs were killed in staggering numbers in this country simply because shelters didn't have the community support or the resources to save their lives. That number is now less than half a million per year, but there’s still work to do to ensure that every dog and cat in America finds a safe place to call home. 

Best Friends also runs the nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary and works collaboratively with a network of more than 4,700 animal welfare and shelter partners, plus community members around the country, to save pets’ lives.

Together, let’s bring them home and Save Them All.