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Save Them All

Remembering a Pet

Explore ways to celebrate the life of a cherished pet or animal lover:

Best. Day. Ever!

Puppies are so amazing that there’s a day set aside to celebrate them. Learn more

Sponsor a Pet in Need

As a sponsor, you will help provide care and support for a homeless pet (like Darby).

Shop and Save Lives

Your purchase will assist homeless pets and help to Save Them All. Shop now!

Sparking Joy, Saving Kittens

See how Best Friends in Atlanta is getting ready for kitten season with a little help from the center’s own Meowie Kondo. Learn more

Adopt Change

Join the movement to save nearly 2,200 dogs and cats who are killed in U.S. shelters every day.

No-Kill by 2025

Check out the lifesaving progress being made across the country via interactive maps.

A Volunteer Hero for Houston’s Pets

Find out what keeps Deyra Galvan coming back to volunteer and organize events for Houston’s shelter pets. Read her story

Adopt Lucas

Though Lucas has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), he can still live a long and happy life.

Best Friends Blog

Best Friends live from Coachella – and their successful community cat program!