Pack Your PJs for a Pet Sleepover

Volunteers tell us what they love the most about their fabulous, furry and four-legged sleepover guests. Read their stories

Sponsor a Pet in Need

As a sponsor, you will help provide care and support for a homeless pet (like Quilla).

Shop and Save Lives

Your purchase will assist homeless pets and help to Save Them All. Shop now!

Hitting the Ground Running

Volunteer starts a running club that benefits the dogs at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Atlanta. Read her story

Cleaning Up

Get tips from a master on how to declutter and tidy up pet toys.

No-Kill by 2025

Check out the lifesaving progress being made across the country via interactive maps.

Accommodating an Independent Cat

Fiona likes people better than other cats, so at the Sanctuary she gets her own perfect spot to stay. Read her story

Adopt Lotti

Lotti is one happy, energetic girl who loves running around with her toys and swimming in her pool.

Best Friends Blog

The Game of Thrones, animal welfare style, happened in Los Angeles. Then came NKLA.