• A career of compassion: Working with the animals of Best Friends
  • A career of compassion: Working with the animals of Best Friends
  • A career of compassion: Working with the animals of Best Friends
A career of compassion:

Working with the animals of Best Friends

At Best Friends Animal Society, we believe that every living creature matters: you, your neighbors, your community members and, of course, the animals.

That's why we are not only dedicated to saving the lives of our furry best friends, we want to create a world that is kinder and better for everyone.

We have opportunities available across the country for people who want to make a difference for both pets and people. Whether your passion is accounting, technology, animal care or making a difference for people, whether you have loads of professional experience or you've simply been volunteering for a few years, there's a career here for you.

(Fun fact: More than 30% of Best Friends staff started out as volunteers.)

Who we are underneath the fur (and feathers)

Who We Are
Who We Are

Above all else, Best Friends believes in being kind to all, both two- and four-legged beings. Compassion drives our work to save the lives of animals, and it drives us in our daily lives. We do not judge; we respect one another; we embrace new ideas, solutions and differences. We welcome people from all backgrounds and appreciate where you are in your professional journey.

We are quirky. We never take ourselves too seriously, and we know that humor is important in this field. We operate with love and seek to spread positivity.

We are determined to create a safer, brighter world for homeless pets and to Save Them All.

Who You Are

Who are you (other than an animal person)

You are passionate, talented and willing to share your special skills with others in order to save the lives of animals. You are open to new ideas and ways of thinking. You are not only an animal lover, you’re a people lover. You strive to lift others up and empower those around you, while empowering and caring for yourself. (Self-care is so important.)

Like everyone else at Best Friends, you are kind and don’t take yourself too seriously. You like to laugh while you work, yet you are driven to get your work done.

You are willing to accept change in an ever-changing and evolving field, and you welcome people from all walks of life. You lead with humility and you’re determined to Save Them All.

Who You Are

More than 30% of Best Friends staff started out as volunteers.

More than 30% of Best Friends staff started out as volunteers.

Want to start your career with the animals by volunteering? We’d be thrilled to have you. Check out volunteer opportunities at the Sanctuary and near you.

Looking for an awesome internship? We have those, too. Check out Best Friends internships.

More than 30% of Best Friends staff started out as volunteers.

Why work here? See for yourself!

“I love the direction, the kindness, the innovation, the space to be creative — all of those things mean a lot to me… I’m so thankful for the internal culture that is fostered daily.”

Senior Manager, Educational Programs
Salt Lake City, Utah

“This is one of the best places to be. If you’re thinking about applying or a full career change, like I did. Don’t hesitate. It is amazing.”

Volunteer Specialist
Kanab, Utah

“What I love most about my role is that every day I have the opportunity to support my fellow colleagues. I love the fact that we save animals — animals make the world a better place.”

Employee Relations Specialist

“Best Friends values employee growth and wellbeing, kindness, and authenticity.”

Clinic Receptionist
Kanab, Utah

Max Piece

“I’ve felt honored and grateful for every day with Best Friends, and I love getting to work with others that feel the same!”

Lifesaving Care Specialist
Los Angeles, California

Courtney Bean

“Every day I get to help people. I am honored to help them on their journey and listen to their stories.”

Heather D.
Planned Giving Coordinator
Kanab, Utah

Heather Davidson

“It has been an absolute blessing to be part of such an incredible, intellectual, passionate, compassionate, forward thinking, organization.”

Senior Manager, Emergency Response

Sharon Hawa

“It makes all the difference to work where both the leadership and the employees have a genuine concern for the animals as well as each other.”

Heather M.
VIP Experience Officer
Kanab, Utah

Heather Moore

“The Best Friends mission and their approach matched my ideals perfectly and I knew it was a place I definitely wanted to work at.”

Community Cat Programs

Leah Long

Ready to Save Them All?

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Other Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Veterinary and vet tech externship opportunities
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Clinic in Kanab, UT provides veterinary and veterinary technician students with hands-on clinical experience in a unique shelter medicine setting. Read more about the externship program here.

Internship opportunities
Not quite ready for full-time employment, but interested in gaining experience with one of the leading animal welfare organizations? Check out our amazing internship opportunities.

Job opportunities with our Best Friends Network partners
Best Friends Animal Society firmly believes that working together with local shelters and rescue organizations is the key to ending the killing in our nation’s shelters. Our Best Friends Network is comprised of thousands of organizations committed to working together to save the lives of homeless pets. We encourage you to review employment opportunities with our Network partners, and connect with them directly for further information on particular openings.