Losing someone special is never easy. But commemorating your pet’s life — and your enduring connection — can provide comfort and light in the darkest of moments.

Here at Best Friends, home to the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the country, grief can arrive when we least expect it. But so too do the hope and healing that come from remembering those we love. That’s why we offer this unique digital space to create a lasting and personal tribute to your cherished companion. 

Memorial stones

Honor your pet with a memorial

Pay tribute to your special animal companion by creating a pet memorial. The process is simple, and you’ll be guided at your own pace through each step.

Make a donation in remembrance

Your gift in memory of an animal or person will go straight to work helping homeless dogs and cats in Best Friends programs across the country.

Other meaningful ways to remember your pet

If you’d like to pay tribute to your pet or the pet of a loved one, wind chimes can be sent directly to you.

Or you can choose to have wind chimes, a memorial brick, or a marker placed at Angels Rest here at the Sanctuary — one of the most beautiful settings on Earth in which to memorialize our treasured animals.

Additional ways to commemorate a pet

There are several ways to honor the memory of a cherished pet, and each one can provide comfort while bringing love and care to animals around the country.

For information about placing your pet at Angels Rest, please contact angelsrest@bestfriends.org

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Coping with pet loss

Grief over the passing of a pet is very real, and coping can be a challenging — and even misunderstood — process. No amount of time with our best friends is enough, and saying goodbye can be devastatingly difficult.

Know that whenever you feel ready, there are several ways to honor the memory of your cherished pet.

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Memorializing your pet

Whether you are creating a memorial for your own pet or on behalf of a grieving loved one, you’ll be able to easily share your tribute, including via social media.

Visitors will have the option to post their own comments and words of encouragement. You can also leave a virtual token of remembrance on other memorial tribute pages as a symbol of your sympathy and support.

When you create a memorial, you ensure your pet will also be remembered in our monthly blessing that takes place at Angels Rest here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. These ceremonies celebrate and pay tribute to the special animals who remain forever in our hearts.