Best Friends’ lifesaving work

Our lifesaving work began with the opening of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southern Utah in 1984. From there, the work to save the lives of homeless pets has spread across the country and it continues to expand. 

While the Sanctuary remains the heart and soul of Best Friends, we now have lifesaving centers and programs in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Northwest Arkansas and other areas. In addition, through our national network of partners, lifesaving tactics are being implemented in shelters and rescue groups across the country. 

As recently as 2016, nearly 1.5 million cats and dogs were killed in America just because shelters didn’t have the community support or the resources needed to save them. Best Friends is committed to changing that and to bringing the entire country to no-kill by 2025. Together, we can Save Them All.  

Best Friends has lifesaving centers around the country 

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Kanab Utah Graphic

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary 

Located five miles north of Kanab, Utah, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals in the country. It is a home-between-homes for up to 1,600 animals on any given day. 

5001 Angel Canyon Road  
Kanab, UT 84741  

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah »

Atlanta Georgia Graphic

Best Friends in Atlanta 

In Atlanta, we run a completely foster-based program in our continuing efforts to best serve the metro area in its push to end the killing of dogs and cats in shelters, while strengthening the movement across the entire Southeast. 

By appointment only  
1692 Oak Street SE   
Marietta, GA 30060  

Best Friends Animal Society in Atlanta »

Houston Texas Graphic

Best Friends in Houston

In Houston, we work with city shelters, local animal welfare organizations and passionate individuals to make Houston a no-kill city.

Part of our lifesaving work here includes organizing foster and adoption programs, as well as transports to relocate animals to areas of the country where they are more likely to be adopted.

By appointment only 
901 Pinemont Drive 
Houston, TX 77018 

Best Friends Animal Society in Houston »

Los Angeles Graphic

Best Friends in Los Angeles 

In Los Angeles, we bring together animal rescue groups, city shelters and passionate individuals to save the lives of homeless pets in the city.

We also host adoption and fundraising events and provide help and services to the community through NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) Coalition.

Our West Los Angeles location includes a kitten care center and a pet adoption center with adoptable dogs and cats from the L.A. city shelters and regionally in California.

1845 Pontius Avenue  
Los Angeles, CA 90025  

Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles »

New York Graphic

Best Friends in New York City

In New York, we work with city shelters, local animal welfare organizations, passionate advocates and volunteers to save the lives of pets in the city and the surrounding tristate area.

We host adoption and fundraising events and also run a foster program in partnership with Animal Care Centers of NYC. 
307 West Broadway 
New York City, NY 10013 

Best Friends Animal Society in New York City »

Bentonville Arkansas icon graphic

Best Friends in Northwest Arkansas

In Northwest Arkansas, we provide a range of critically needed resources and services for the cats and dogs.

On-site cat and dog adoptions are offered here at the Best Friends Pet Resource Center, along with a pet food and supplies pantry, trap-neuter-vaccinate-return resources and a meeting space for foster caregivers, volunteers and adopters.
1312 Melissa Drive  
Bentonville, AR 72712  

Best Friends Pet Resource Center in Northwest Arkansas »

Salt Lake City graphic

Best Friends in Salt Lake City 

In Salt Lake City, we bring together animal rescue groups, city shelters and dedicated individuals working to make Utah a no-kill state.

We host adoption and fundraising events, run the lifesaving center in Salt Lake City and lead the NKUT (No-Kill Utah) initiative. 
2005 South 1100 East 
Salt Lake City, UT 84106 

Best Friends Animal Society in Salt Lake City »

Best Friends partners with animal shelters around the country to save more lives


Best Friends in Navajo Nation

Best Friends is working with Navajo Nation Animal Control and the Navajo Nation Veterinary Program, along with spay/neuter and rescue organizations, to save more lives in the Navajo Nation animal control facilities.

We’re also working to address the overpopulation of free-roaming dogs and to increase public awareness around animal-related issues.

Best Friends in Navajo Nation »

Victoria, Texas Icon 

Best Friends in Victoria, Texas

In an effort to save vulnerable dogs and cats in Victoria, Texas, Best Friends Animal Society and Victoria County Animal Services are working together to launch a foster program. 

The primary goal of this program is to save the lives of homeless pets through fostering.

Best Friends in Victoria, Texas »

Find a Best Friends Network partner near you

The Best Friends Network is made up of thousands of public and private shelters, rescue groups, spay/neuter organizations and other animal welfare groups, all working to save the lives of dogs and cats in communities like yours across the country.

Each and every one of our network partners needs caring people like you to adopt, foster, donate, volunteer and advocate to help save the lives of pets where you live.

Find a network partner near you today:

Find a network partner near you today:
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Best Friends in Kanab

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Best Friends Welcome Center

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Best Friends Wellness Center

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