New Jersey
New Jersey saved 2,226 more animals in 2020 than in 2019, but there is more work to be done. Best Friends works closely with local shelters, rescue groups and passionate people like you in New Jersey. Together, we can bring this country to no-kill by 2025.

Help save homeless pets in NJ

Shelters near you need help to save more lives. In 2020, nearly 2,918 dogs and cats were killed in animal shelters across New Jersey, but together with your help, we’re changing that.

Best Friends is working with animal welfare organizations and stakeholders statewide to save every pet who can be saved and reach no-kill through New Jersey by 2025. Your local shelter is counting on your help. Now is the time to get involved and make a lifesaving difference.

french bulldog on a leash in the road

Best Friends focuses on cats in New Jersey

Best Friends is supporting NJ S1034, a bill focused on saving cats. This bill would allow trap-neuter-return for community (aka stray or feral) cats in New Jersey and establish a state fund for spay and neuter. We are also working with Associated Humane Societies to conduct a full shelter assessment on all three of their locations.

Find a Best Friends Network partner near you

The Best Friends Network is made up of thousands of public and private shelters, rescue groups, spay/neuter organizations and other animal welfare groups located around the country. While only shelter network partners are represented on the dashboard, all network partners are working to save cats and dogs. They all need adopters, donors, volunteers and community advocates to increase lifesaving.

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