Dogs at Dogtown. The 'DogTown' TV show is now re-airing on the CW Network.

A documentary-style program that profiles staff and volunteers as they care for dogs in need of homes

Dogtown is the section of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where homeless dogs live, and it is also a highly popular TV series. For four seasons, the television program "DogTown" aired on the National Geographic Channel. The documentary aired for the first time on January 4, 2008, and last aired an original episode on March 12, 2010.

‘DogTown' on National Geographic

Produced by National Geographic, the documentary-style TV program "DogTown" features the stories of individual dogs in need and follows the work of Best Friends caregivers, trainers and medical staff as they work to improve the lives of every dog in their care and ultimately find them loving homes.

National Geographic aired 28 episodes of "DogTown," each of which follows the journey of several Dogtown residents through their triumphs and challenges.

Michael Vick dogs on ‘DogTown'

The second season premiere of the "DogTown" program, titled "Saving the Michael Vick Dogs," brings positive attention to the dogs rescued from Vick's dogfighting ring and follows a few of the 22 dogs who came to live at Dogtown at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary on their journey to find new and happy lives.

‘Dog Town, USA' on the CW Television Network

In the summer of 2015, the CW Television Network began re-airing the "DogTown" series - now called as "Dog Town, USA" - as part of its One Magnificent Morning block.