Horse Haven is home to a wide variety of equines, from Appaloosas and Arabians to mustangs and Missouri fox trotters to thoroughbreds and quarter horses. A number of donkeys, mules and goats also reside here at any given time.

All the animals on these scenic pastures were brought to Best Friends because they were neglected, abused, abandoned or simply because their families could no longer afford to keep them.

No matter what their background or current need, all the animals at Horse Haven find refuge here with people who understand and care deeply about their welfare.

Welcome to Horse Haven

New facilities allow for better equine care

Horse Haven’s central hub features a new headquarters office, new large-animal clinic, quarantine area and large covered arena, allowing for premium care for each resident.

Because the structures are in such close physical proximity to the horses themselves, caregivers are able to assess and address each animal’s special needs more quickly and efficiently. 

For example, our warm, well-lit indoor clinic makes it possible for the horses to receive faster medical care with minimal stress levels ― a crucial part of the healing process. And the spacious covered training arena lets multiple horses work simultaneously on rehabilitation as well as year-round riding practice.

Portions of the arena serve as a hay barn, tack room, feed room and equipment area, all of which help keep Horse Haven tidy, organized and hassle-free. 

Outstanding medical and farrier care

Residents at Horse Haven have access to outstanding medical and farrier care and benefit from a variety of natural horsemanship training methods.

They get nutritious food, room to roam, love, attention and a beautiful canyon backdrop to help heal both physically and emotionally as they wait to go home for good.

Adopt or sponsor a horse from Horse Haven

Looking to add a new horse to the family? Great! Start your search today.

Animal Previews
Animal Previews
Animal Previews
Animal Previews

Tour Horse Haven

Schedule your tour today.

Join us on a walking tour through Horse Haven, one of the most beautiful and majestic places at the Sanctuary. Tours happen every Tuesday and Friday at 10 a.m. (duration: 30 minutes | distance: .5 mile).

Please be aware that this tour takes us through sand and uneven terrain, so navigating this tour by wheelchair, though possible, is difficult. (Service animals may come on the tour.)

Volunteer at Horse Haven

Looking for face-to-face interaction with Horse Haven residents? It’s your chance to help with daily care, provide companionship and more.

Enrich lives by volunteering with the equines at Horse Haven from feeding horses to cleaning a pasture area to taking a horse for a walk — you’ll be improving the lives of the horses and our other equine friends.

Volunteers with disabilities are welcome! Contact us to learn about volunteering with a temporary or permanent disability. Email or call 435-319-0622.

If you’ve volunteered with Best Friends before, go to the volunteer portal to see opportunities available to you.

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Sponsor a Horse Haven resident

Send some TLC to a special horse here at the Sanctuary who is waiting to go home for good.
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Let’s be friends!

Connect with us on our Horse Haven Facebook group to stay in the loop about our residents.
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