On any given day, the Bunny House is home to around 90 rabbits and a few guinea pigs, often victims of abandonment, hoarding, or excessive breeding. Some have injuries or special needs. All simply want to be loved.

There’s no question about it: Bunnies are absolutely adorable. With their long, soft ears, twitchy noses and bright eyes, there’s a whole lot to love. They make amazing companions and fabulous fluffy friends. And there are plenty of rabbits looking for homes here at the Sanctuary.

Welcome to the Bunny House

Bound for happiness at Bunny House

If you visit the rabbits at Best Friends, you will see spacious runs filled with tunnels for bunnies to explore, wicker baskets to chew on, balls to push around, “hidey boxes,” and soft blankets for those mid-day “lazies.”

When rabbits are admitted to Best Friends, they are given a health checkup and spayed or neutered. They are carefully introduced to a rabbit friend so they can be comforted by having a companion of their choosing.

Not to worry, though, there is still room for us humans in their lives. The rabbit caregiver staff goes above and beyond to give the rabbits a stimulating and enriching home at the Bunny House while they wait for their own special family.

The hoppiest place on earth

Here at Bunny House, we provide expert care for rescued, adoptable rabbits; some of the softest, gentlest creatures on earth.

Bunny House residents enjoy companionship with other rabbits, expert vet care, delicious fresh veggies year-round, enrichment activities, places to dig, and most important of all, the chance to heal and feel safe while waiting for homes.

All of these happy hoppers are spayed or neutered and ready to meet someone special. 

Adopt or sponsor a bunny or guinea pig from Bunny House

Looking to adopt a bunny or guinea pig? Great! Start your search today.

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Tour the Bunny House

Schedule your tour today.

Join us on a walking tour through the Bunny House, where you'll visit with our cute, fuzzy bunnies and a few adorable guinea pigs. Tours happen daily at 2 p.m. (duration: 30 minutes).

This tour takes us through sand and gravel. Navigating this tour by wheelchair, though possible, is difficult. (Service animals are not allowed on the tour.)

Volunteer at the Bunny House

Looking for face-to-face interaction with the bunnies and guinea pigs? It’s your chance to help with daily care, provide companionship and more.

Spend some time volunteering with the rabbits who reside at Bunny House, helping at the cutest place on Earth for domestic rabbits and guinea pigs.

Volunteers with disabilities are welcome! Contact us to learn about volunteering with a temporary or permanent disability. Email volunteers@bestfriends.org or call 435-319-0622.

If you’ve volunteered with Best Friends before, go to the volunteer portal to see opportunities available to you.

Bunny receiving a veterinary exam

Sponsor a Bunny House resident

Touched by a bunny's story or feel a special connection to a guinea pig here at the Sanctuary? Provide a little extra TLC with the gift of sponsorship.
Happy bunny resting in the shade in a grassy spot

Let’s be friends!

Connect with us on our Bunny House Facebook group to stay in the loop about our residents.
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