Become a Guardian Angel

By signing up to become a Guardian Angel, you will be supporting the most special-needs animals at the Sanctuary with your monthly gift. Your donation goes toward providing top-notch medical care and treatment for pets in need, including those who are abused, traumatized, and have painful physical and emotional scars or debilitating conditions that require extensive and ongoing medical care.

Guardian Angels make it possible for us to care for any animal – dog, cat, horse, pig, bird or other homeless pet – who arrives at the Sanctuary, no matter how challenging their case or what their needs are.

Telling the stories of special-needs animals

On the Guardian Angel section of the website, we tell the animals’ ongoing stories over time with updates from our veterinary staff and caregivers. Guardian Angels are a critical part of these special animals' lives, ensuring that these extraordinary souls receive the extra care they need when they arrive at the Sanctuary, so they can be rehabilitated back to good health and then placed in a very good home. We continue to follow their stories even after they've been adopted!

For those animals who do require long-term, perhaps lifelong, care at the Sanctuary, your monthly gift will be helping them live the very best life possible.

Make a difference in the lives of homeless pets

Become a Guardian Angel to special-needs dogs, cats and other animals today. They are counting on you.

Current Guardian Angel Animals

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  • Spirit
    One of the girls
    Now that her motherhood duties are over, Spirit’s mom Mary is enjoying time with her posse at the rye field.
    The Creep
    The Desert Creep
    Just creeping along
    Everyone is getting excited about the new habitat being built for the Desert Creep.
    Magic touch
    Klaus enjoys touch training time in his cart, especially when it comes with his afternoon meal.
    Along for the ride
    Susan’s socialization continues thanks to crated wagon rides, where she learns that people bring good things.
    When Lightfoot doesn’t want to return from a walk, he balks. So now he only has approved escorts.
  • Jordy
    Jordy makes some new friends, including the person who ended up adopting him.
    Mr. Muscle
    Popeye the sailor has nothing on Thunder when it comes to upper arm (or paw) strength.
    Harli day
    After latest scare, volunteer Moira makes every day spent with Harli the best ever.
    Annie Oakley
    Annie Oakley
    Sharing the fun
    When it comes to learning to play with toys, Annie Oakley proves to be quite the teacher.