Puppy Mill Initiatives

You have the power to fight puppy mills. Right now, hundreds of thousands of puppies are living in squalid conditions, waiting to be shipped out to pet stores. It’s no life for man's best friend. But by adopting pets instead of buying them, we can all help change this forever.

Great pets are available for adoption

If you’re looking for a healthy, loving pet, you’re in luck. Many can readily be found in shelters and rescue groups around the country.

Percent of pets in shelters
who are pure breeds:

Percent of pets in shelters who are pure breeds

Types of pets found in shelters and rescue groups:

young, purebred, old, housetrained, mixed-breed, adorable,
well-mannered, puppies, healthy, kittens

Shelter and rescue group animals

No matter what type of pet you’re looking for, a shelter or rescue organization is the place to go.

The connection: From puppy mills to pet stores

Which pet stores sell puppies supplied by puppy mills? Nearly 100%.

Estimated number of
puppy mills in the U.S.that
supply to pet stores or
sell online:

Percent of pets in shelters who are pure breeds

We can change that. By choosing adoption, you’re taking a stand against the puppy mill industry.

Really – are puppy mills that bad?

A puppy mill is a factory farm for dogs. That means physical exercise, mental stimulation, and human attention, are rare, if provided at all. For more about life in a puppy mill, check out this eye-opening video.

Adopt: Help put puppy mills out of business and save a life

Together, we can reduce the number of animals suffering in puppy mills while saving the lives of millions of dogs in shelters:

Number of animals
entering shelters
each year:
5-8 Million

Percent of pets in shelters who are pure breeds

Adopting instead of buying has the power to save a lot of lives. So start your adoption search here and find your best friend today!

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Together, we can Save Them All.™

*According to the Humane Society of the United States.