Best Friends offers a variety of on-site workshops throughout the year designed to educate and support you in your efforts to help the animals. For more information and registration forms, contact us at or call (435) 644-3965 ext. 4317. We look forward to seeing you here!

How to Start and Run an Animal Sanctuary 2014
June 8-14 and October 12-18 Cost: $650
If your dream is to provide a safe haven for animals in your community, you'll want to check out this intensive, weeklong workshop covering the basics of starting and running your own sanctuary. This class is designed so that you can see the physical, administrative and emotional sides involved in such an effort.

The University of Utah is an educational partner and advisor for the How to Start and Run an Animal Sanctuary workshops. Interested attendees can apply for an accredited certificate from the University of Utah that they will receive upon completion of this program. Read more about this workshop >

Giving Heart Retreat: A Workshop to Replenish the Animal Lover's Soul 2014
May 16-18 Cost: $300
In the beautiful natural setting of Angel Canyon, you will experience a one-of-a-kind retreat designed to rejuvenate your giving spirit by nurturing the whole person: body, mind and soul. Dr. Linda Harper, a clinical psychologist specializing in pet loss grief and other distinctive needs of animal lovers, and Faith Maloney, one of the founders of Best Friends, will facilitate the sessions. The retreat is designed to help you find the peace of mind, purpose and fulfillment that the animal lover's exceptional journey offers. Learn More >

Above and Beyond: Facing the Challenges of Animals with Special Needs
November 6-8 Cost: $300
Whether in a shelter or foster home, every animal needs an enriching environment to ensure they have a happy, healthy life. This workshop focuses on how to provide that and how to increase the likelihood of all animals finding their forever home. 

Feline Literacy: The ABC's of Care for Rescue Cats 2014
October 2-4 Cost: $300
We have tails to tell! Digging deep into the kitty box, this class will uncover everything you want to know and need to know about rescue cats. Call now and reserve your space in the litter!

Foundation Skills for Working with Dogs 2014 
May 8-10 Cost: $300
Learn what makes Best Friends Animal Sanctuary a leader in helping homeless dogs get ready for their forever homes! This first of three workshops takes you through the important skills needed to successfully train and rehabilitate dogs the Best Friends' way.

To request more information, please send an email to Or you can call us, (435) 644-3965 ext. 4317. We look forward to seeing you here!